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Russian federation ► ► ► БОДРЫЕ ПУШКИ+ЛАЗЕРЫ
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 28/32 Players
Map dm_skyscraper, 00:11:13 hours
Updated 25. Jun 2017 14:20:47
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation b9kA_35Rus15:1100:11:112605,695-
2Russian federation CJIOH8:1400:11:114414,8319,913
3Russian federation Ben Laden7:400:09:586923,591-
4Russian federation IKOTA6:600:05:35297,599-
5Russian federation S.A.R.D.O.R5:100:03:111338,916-
6Russian federation Cs-strike <3 Zombie =)5:1600:11:061671,167-
7Ukraine Anonymous4:000:06:30489,697-
8Ukraine skoda4:600:11:11746,125-
9Moldova, republic of }I{eKa> He npeT4:200:11:116511,640-
10Russian federation `CaLcHe'zZz.`1:500:03:2021,009-
11Belarus Nice0:200:02:01-1,008-
12Russian federation genocid0:000:11:1010343,850-
1Belarus S======================D 0-:19:000:11:0910453,54587,000
2Russian federation Dnchik robinzon12:1100:10:561335,163-
3Belarus Saimon6:700:10:593831,394-
4Russian federation oleg 30 rus4:700:11:0911511,894-
5Russian federation CTR | Player4:1000:11:10682,783-
6Russian federation qq3:200:10:58232,837-
7Russian federation Enot_Partizan2:000:07:527812,390-
8Kazakstan KING2:300:11:093617,170-
9 {FrIeNdS}DemonXD1:500:10:521731,221-
10Ukraine mr SPAWN1:000:06:32852,396-
11Ukraine P A S H O K0:100:01:49-2,315-
12Ukraine Amigo0:100:11:111169,805-
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