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United states  ███► CRACKTOWN [DM] Store|Knives|VIP|100Tick (20/30)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/30 Players
Map cs_crackhouse_awpclan_v12, 02:30:53 hours
Updated 23. Sep 2018 06:31:07
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Venezuela The Punisher24:3400:16:21-2,73117,382
2United states sLeEpY913:300:22:14-2,696-
3Canada kirito07713:700:43:2910182,153-
4United states flacospec8:1801:43:16-3,331-
5Canada Kennyass3:100:33:448241,82444,709
6United states King Bo Luc Lac3:600:05:48371,634131,051
7United states kooliotbone2:800:07:38-2,967-
8Canada Hentai!・ blockade 3d boy 6341:100:06:10341,293-
9Canada bokaid fornit chamel0:900:07:05-769-
10United states Onyx♠0:000:20:002291,226-
1United states Will Smith21:600:34:404041,404-
2United states Rikh12:600:28:471474,575-
3United states marcinko11:500:42:21-3,763-
4United states Erect9:600:24:501512,410-
5United states N0quarterr8:900:09:473211,3219,502
6United states mcamendoim6:1100:08:24-3,860-
7United states I❤ÀωÞclan ℱüℛïous6:301:18:431554,18016,004
8United states RUNEgood?5:800:50:194932,053104,685
9Canada AnykKa4:301:30:401763,43198,666
10United states SWISSbakaBLADE2:300:01:48191,019-
11United states Flaris Maxim1:100:23:36823,095-
12United states Pancake3270:100:06:02-2,940-
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