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United states  ! ! ! ! ! PEARL MARKET INFANTRY 24/7 | TBGCLAN.COM | 1600TICK
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 21/64 Players
Map cql_pearl_market cql_pearl_market, 00:20:37 hours
Updated 12. Dec 2018 10:46:00
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states [HOBO] theblackcat004:000:08:18352,468-
2Japan YourAthena4:400:10:14742,574-
3United states Ssgt_Frag_Factor4:400:20:096317,05337,723
4Korea, republic of DOGchobo4:000:09:43452,015-
5China [KJDA] yc53412624:200:20:091202,43287,298
6Korea, republic of Akariz953:200:20:091581,33148,445
7United states ProverbsVG3:000:13:241752,57710,912
8Korea, republic of Spear_Werfen2:600:20:091151,18287,430
9Japan WuKill41:100:19:38641,06477,481
10United states llEvoGll1:100:13:27391,039-
 U.S. Army30:2002:35:20-3,374-
1Canada adrloch3:100:20:091730,56590,279
2United states someasianpudding3:300:20:096810,3295,015
3United states Khal-Rado2:200:20:095110,46990,437
4Japan [FND] domingues2_vsl32:100:08:33532,272-
5Korea, republic of andrew0002191:400:20:096937,043783
6Japan dgshenkeng1:300:09:21201,330-
7China [TANK] liupeilongle0:300:20:09334,9868,781
8United states skorpionxth0:200:20:09581,08078,147
9Taiwan vincent6612140:100:19:54641,14173,186
10Ukraine Jan4ik_50:200:08:1463,368-
11United states Strikerjolt0:100:20:0910323,4909,488
 Chinese Army12:2303:07:05-11,461-
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