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United states >XI< #3| Push | Stats | 128hz |
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 21/32 Players
Map panj panj, 00:10:50 hours
Updated 23. Mar 2019 01:37:08
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Lasair11:103:25:135292,015759
2Canada Quezal2:001:03:241681,1688,512
3Canada mask2:200:41:261131,2027,877
4United states BOY KUPAL1:201:34:13-2,0791,474
5Canada Flip1:500:42:16871,08713,212
6Mexico Netzelɇŧ̷̷͆⁷⁴0:100:04:14-998-
7United states BearButte0:000:01:20-1,910-
8Canada JesseK0:400:18:17-1,09866,636
9Canada Mr.something?0:200:42:16151,01556,307
10Panama Cerezero0:200:05:53-994-
11United states JJ0:003:12:54621,4439,146
1United states ANAL INTRUDER5:100:05:01161,642-
2United states Mr Scary Man5:300:47:41-2,112752
3United states TenPcsMcFuggit5:300:37:28951,14337,377
4United states AWPinator3:200:26:493099073,962
5United states Comrade Not-So Elite2:400:34:21381,03836,419
6Canada g3m3n12:100:19:54601,25778,286
7New zealand Kittow8710:000:02:26-996-
8Canada BrainDead0:000:02:40-2,190-
9United states The Dinkster0:400:32:35151,0965,067
10Canada Pork Bun0:100:02:13-2,242-
11Canada ИΞMΞSIS0:000:42:161511,2436,418
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