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Germany - Pure Hardcore - No Rules {hellsrushbeernoobs}
Game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Players 19/32 Players
Map rush_arica_harbor rush_arica_harbor, 00:19:19 hours
Updated 17. Jan 2019 18:20:22
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Poland Suchy2067:700:12:03-70,77458
2Russian federation GORIBOR6:700:17:16996,5252,327
3Serbia Miki864:400:41:263302,0025,108
4Switzerland [VEGAS] Paddock532:400:18:3820311,008269
5Russian federation [LOOOOOOL] LIPESTOK1:201:03:547072,1191,077
6Brazil FELIPERDRUMS0:100:02:29-998-
7Hungary [Nod] DarkRevengeHU6660:001:46:0326122,2691,761
8France Chtank-ul0:100:06:20543,768938
9Russian federation | XaNaX |0:005:27:47-8,4133,298
10Finland Jakezzz6660:000:01:06-3,059-
1Russian federation Pe3kuu noHoc8:400:09:346628,161129
2United kingdom [Invalid ] Brunix0015:200:30:492275,220608
3Russian federation [SWAG] Psixed5:200:13:18503,235-
4Sweden DANI4:505:36:1741971,05140
5Poland [PL] LiveForTheKill3:300:17:2265,540986
6Russian federation [Invalid ] lex4351:000:13:401245,1701,770
7United states [CG] Drakus851:300:08:22-29,391245
8Hungary [Tibor N ] tomika1703030:000:29:07-9834,265
9Germany KampsZone0:000:01:24-2,802-
10United states [-TMC-] Brownrock0:000:06:54-14,361445
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