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United kingdom | 1v1 128 Tick Arena #1 | !ws !knife !gloves
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/30 Players
Map am_himalaya_fix, 00:13:01 hours
Updated 22. Feb 2019 23:38:04
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Mx. Karov7:500:11:54-1,000-
2United kingdom :C9: Shrimp5:100:13:18-1,000-
3United kingdom trianGle5:300:04:53-1,000-
4Romania Xplode♫TheGoDFather♫4:400:13:18-1,00034,316
5United kingdom Fizzy3:000:14:09-1,000255,145
6France Clan Mickey RZ2:100:02:55-1,000-
7United kingdom i am ferrari Juugye2:300:13:18-1,0003,853
8United kingdom r_Austin2:200:02:54-1,000-
9Finland LSD Sykerö2:200:13:18-1,000-
10Belgium D@lton.1:400:13:18-1,000-
11United kingdom,000-
12United kingdom 𝓣𝓮𝓪.0:000:03:51-1,000-
13Finland niilo22fans Parvekefilosofi0:100:13:18-1,000-
14Germany ja pierdole gówno0:000:08:12-1,000-
15Sweden Jobbel CS.MONEY0:000:00:33-1,000-
16Ireland Rizex0:000:07:06-1,000-
17Norway Proximusa0:000:00:59-1,000-
1United kingdom Shotz5:300:13:18-1,000253,218
2United kingdom DLN4:500:13:18-1,000100,575
3United kingdom are meemees Adamina4:100:13:18-1,0006,438
4United kingdom Maximus William Poddar4:100:08:28-1,000-
5United kingdom Owentiger3:200:03:40-1,000-
6United kingdom beanz gamekit.com2:500:13:18-1,000-
7United kingdom fsociety.' m0x^2:500:06:08-1,000-
8United kingdom Ep1c_ Salty?1:400:13:18-1,000-
9United kingdom Jubble1:000:13:18-1,000-
10United kingdom tOGGLE0:000:13:18-1,000230,196
11United states Bamboozled_again0:000:13:18-1,000-
12Portugal Splitting The Atom0:100:04:13-1,000-
13France Frag0:100:06:27-1,000-
14United kingdom NukeHype0:000:03:47-1,000-
15United kingdom ✪ Fαmσus M ©0:000:01:31-1,000119,794
16United kingdom -=RaƉdomEffect=-0:000:02:28-1,000-
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