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United kingdom | 1v1 64 Tick Arena #1 | !ws !knife !gloves
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/30 Players
Map am_shallow_fix, 00:07:13 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2019 19:03:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom I'm Cheese5:100:07:33-1,000-
2United kingdom PeteR1Pan3:300:03:33-1,000-
3Belgium Wolf-Hub ♫Elemental Ronin♫2:100:07:33-1,000-
4United kingdom W-Anchors Papiolti2:100:07:33-1,000-
5United kingdom Pooh Bear2:100:07:32-1,000-
6United kingdom ✪ Zaufany1:200:07:33-1,000-
7United kingdom PistolPete1:200:02:57-1,000-
8Netherlands DAWAIIIIII Dotsy1:200:03:01-1,000-
9United kingdom GG Sugoni™ ⇋HG-A⇌1:100:07:33-1,000138,277
10Ireland Sc0ob sphinx1:300:07:33-1,000-
11Netherlands Noro1:600:07:33-1,000-
12France ︻デ™ Sniper the Legend™Rct0:000:06:09-1,000-
13Belgium Blyatman0:000:01:52-1,000-
14United kingdom Johnniii0:000:04:31-1,000-
15United kingdom fishes0:000:03:16-1,000-
1France D2T douidik9:300:05:18-1,000-
2United kingdom AutisVincere s1mple1K csgopositive.com6:000:03:33-1,000-
3France AfterJ5:200:04:27-1,000-
4France oompa loompa2:000:07:33-1,000-
5Israel 𝖗𝖔y 𝖌𝖌ッ2:300:07:33-1,000-
6United kingdom Gibbo2:000:07:33-1,000-
7United kingdom Ez4Steno2:300:07:33-1,000-
8United kingdom jimmy1:200:07:21-1,000-
9United kingdom NexusNation Generic Asshole1:300:07:32-1,000-
10France Théo1:100:03:20-1,000-
11United kingdom ✪ Pewpew0:000:05:25-1,000-
12France WAGONBOT for jesus0:400:07:33-1,000-
13Denmark Reckii0:000:01:52-1,000-
14United kingdom toe nail0:200:02:24-1,000-
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