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United kingdom | 1v1 Arena #1 | !ws
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/30 Players
Map am_crashz_dust_v6, 00:01:29 hours
Updated 19. Jan 2018 16:44:13
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Belgium ◄SIC► Cartimundy2:000:04:58311,859107,447
2United kingdom Chicken In Glasses1:100:16:1224918-
3United kingdom Brandan0:100:23:39752,12422,583
4United kingdom Jerzy 'Where's Me Jumper' Dudek0:100:06:46221,169-
5United kingdom Tripz0:000:04:14-963-
6United kingdom Brockoli0:300:05:29-1,173-
7United kingdom ugandan warrior0:100:17:53-998-
8United kingdom xxx_cringelord_xxx0:000:21:25-1,006-
9Netherlands SoNinJah-0:500:20:39-934-
10United kingdom 360Meister0:200:07:0121,160-
1Denmark ITCHI2:000:06:4751,131-
2United kingdom Brazzers: Google Chrome™2:000:09:46191,672-
3United kingdom {HOP} Al'Ready Salted1:000:22:02461,137-
4Ireland Douglas Levison1:000:04:1271,29069,800
5United kingdom Nerdict1:200:09:07351,328-
6United kingdom Morphine1:000:11:22171,426-
7United kingdom Scout [LFT]1:100:08:08-998-
8United kingdom itzJAM0:000:05:53-853-
9United kingdom brad0:100:01:37-1,010-
10Russian federation KINGUIN ^ (︶︿︶)poO9♥0:000:05:1111,079-
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