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United kingdom | 1v1 64 Tick Arena #1 | !ws !knife !gloves
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 27/30 Players
Map am_banana_20, 00:07:21 hours
Updated 23. Jul 2018 00:08:48
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Kejody5311:600:06:50381,098-
2United kingdom Frazel5:200:46:211361,719-
3Germany aka.Bounty5:500:04:2311,300-
4United kingdom OfficialWeeb Sk aR-iwpl-5:100:07:07101,170-
5United kingdom M I S T. Swebb2:300:03:18-985-
6United kingdom 000 Niggi2:201:33:08352,138-
7Spain P_Azcona1:100:22:25471,047-
8United kingdom GKI | George ✯1:500:20:44-973-
9United kingdom god wyte1:101:10:40662,656-
10United kingdom kemp201:200:26:02-644-
11United kingdom MISTER MAKER1:700:15:4421976-
12United kingdom Jink0:300:06:52121,276-
13France eArabica Mäêstro0:300:53:11141,197-
1Romania CSN ッ9:300:05:06181,018-
2United kingdom bobby cheeseburger8:800:23:3118781-
3United kingdom Irn Cru MAGGOT7:600:05:59101,266-
4Netherlands [LIVE]4:200:33:50231,075-
5Iceland KennySV.24:500:05:17-1,426-
6France draftz3:000:02:0781,032-
7Germany Dustlers nibaus3:000:02:24131,226-
8United kingdom y o t e d my nigga got yoted2:100:42:571291,307-
9United kingdom Kubista2:100:11:5431,748-
10United kingdom 『★』 Achieve2Receive2:200:06:40191,250-
11Russian federation coldblackeyeš2:100:15:20-1,259-
12Iceland Kinky Polarbear (Lust)1:400:09:15-925-
13United kingdom U2IO Charlie;)1:100:02:12-1,038-
14United kingdom TwoEdgy1:201:09:21-925-
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