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United states [MAGA] CLUTCH OR GET REKT! Treasure in the wood! | Push Maps |
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 19/22 Players
Map buhriz buhriz, 00:26:52 hours
Updated 14. Dec 2018 01:46:17
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Argentina ARTIKALL4:100:23:162062,4091,473
2United states matthew_baranauskas3:200:16:03892,8011,684
3Peru Zafire.2:400:25:36101,01081,186
4United states Pwnosaurusrex1:300:29:45131,16078,280
5United states Silvia1:100:03:2933,009-
6United states JustbFrank0:004:00:485981,59827,235
7Canada MegaChin0:000:20:02516,0341,178
8United states commies ride for free0:101:04:50651,06533,634
9United states Kaneki0:201:06:24532,14096,915
1United states SumTingWong6:100:53:192075,5944,010
2Australia Harold5:200:26:432602,0026,933
3United states Finnythefish2:100:24:17831,60096,127
4United states GoogleTran2:100:53:362092,1516,512
5United states T. Texas Tyler1:100:36:59758,55378,829
6United states Joof1:000:36:581375,5173,922
7Canada Harlock171:001:03:17841,08493,828
8United states LonelySnorkeler0:000:41:48961,09646,952
9Canada < blank >0:000:15:43332,6653,650
10United states HeaDshooTeR90000:100:04:51101,010-
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