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Germany Surf Beginner [Tier 1-2 | Timer | Store | Ranks] ::
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 39/50 Players
Map surf_skyborn, 00:09:59 hours
Updated 21. Oct 2017 16:03:31
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Norway ★LilDream0:000:47:48-1,000-
2Germany TOP 1 Europe ToXiCSn1Per |0:000:12:55-1,000-
3Russian federation SUPREME7770:000:02:56-1,000-
4France onlineheroes ✪ LynWiЯZ ;SEEK0:000:21:27-1,000-
5Czech republic Apple ♥ hellcase.com0:000:19:33-1,000-
6Turkey OnŁy ❖ Naber0:000:13:58-1,000-
7Albania Clyde0:000:08:11-1,000-
8Poland Weak0:000:04:56-1,000-
9Norway Lain0:000:14:26-1,000-
10Sweden SYLT? Hallonsylt0:000:04:07-1,000-
11Germany Akkarin0:000:18:06-1,000-
12Switzerland Opioid0:001:25:45-1,000-
13Macedonia, the former yugoslav r MADxALB Boklec0:000:36:57-1,000-
14Bulgaria Na`Vi Xx_Lobo_xX csgo64.com0:000:04:59-1,000-
15 Digital_DN40:000:06:25-1,000-
16France noot noot CSOFFER.ME BestPot.e0:000:12:22-1,000-
1United states Squid0:000:39:52-1,000-
2Faroe islands AiMZz0:001:38:37-1,000-
3Poland Rodzyn0:000:05:39-1,000-
4Sweden Frecked0:000:03:49-1,000-
5Germany ✪Dorito✪ mufasa0:000:35:36-1,000-
6Netherlands Superoliebollenbeslag0:000:51:21-1,000-
7Taiwan 嚇到了要吃點糖壓壓驚0:002:31:39-1,000-
8Czech republic A & I PullsJ =DD0:000:11:38-1,000-
9France AlexTopGoal ✪0:000:20:59-1,000-
10Norway Pingu0:000:24:52-1,000-
11Germany ✪ SorXas0:000:20:15-1,000-
12Turkey GrandRiderS Ejderia0:000:11:36-1,000-
13Sweden Patrek0:000:25:44-1,000-
14Germany DA ZUCKT NIX ✪ SubCrew0:000:10:54-1,000-
15Poland salty tears of defeat0:000:05:06-1,000-
16Albania simka+0:001:07:07-1,000-
17Germany ★Tryze™0:000:19:56-1,000-
18Luxembourg <=>SQUEEZY<> ็0:000:09:49-1,000-
19Netherlands SolidSnakeJr0:001:35:41-1,000-
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