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Germany | Surf Beginner [Tier 1-2] | !knife !ws !gloves | Time
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 37/44 Players
Map surf_me, 00:11:07 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2018 20:56:29
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Austria [-NoX-] Cyrex0:000:21:31-1,000-
2Serbia F@NtO.o|m0:000:41:29-1,000-
3Turkey FatalCrush0:000:27:08-1,000-
4Montenegro Jellyfish0:000:30:02-1,000-
5Finland •FakeTAXI• sҫ ٠ badman0:000:01:54-1,000-
6Italy ☢ Naruto ☢0:000:15:08-1,000-
7Finland ♥♥bae♥♥ Mild0:011:27:25-1,000-
8Turkey Ria0:000:06:23-1,000-
9Germany Barkasse 1 dajanto0:000:05:06-1,000-
10Germany SnowMan™0:004:40:57-1,000-
11Denmark Hentai!・ Asunmarn戴0:000:15:01-1,000-
12United kingdom Zeusianity Tyramore0:000:21:49-1,000-
13Hungary Kárhozat0:000:30:24-1,000-
14Germany Hi im Marcel0:001:15:03-1,000-
15Germany PLEBSLAYER4210:000:13:43-1,000-
16Croatia RockHam0:000:02:41-1,000-
1Sweden Kruka.0:000:13:49-1,000-
2Austria auT»ReMeN0:003:15:14-1,000-
3Hungary !NEVER VAC Gere0:000:45:21-1,000-
4Germany neKS0:000:13:27-1,000-
5Macedonia, the former yugoslav r AlEkSf0:000:09:23-1,000127,274
6Germany S?F! f8tal0:000:33:08-1,000-
7Germany prettyboyswag0:000:21:04-1,000-
8Italy Cthulhu0:000:12:04-1,000-
9Germany Cosmix0:000:22:57-1,000-
10United states voLt0:000:03:04-1,000-
11Czech republic c_AA Guru0:000:32:11-1,000-
12United kingdom Astral projection to spicy pla0:000:21:22-1,000-
13Germany Pan Bóbr Cpt. Scheiße0:000:05:17-1,000-
14Portugal CNLHD Martim0:000:05:24-1,000-
15Germany senseiluis0:000:25:14-1,000-
16Netherlands Blokkie0:000:01:49-1,000-
17Germany Jingagiga0:000:25:31-1,000-
18Germany đıeBαnαnen Axik | eZ :D0:000:01:54-1,000-
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