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Germany | Surf Beginner [Tier 1-2] | !knife !ws !gloves | Time
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/44 Players
Map surf_frost, 00:07:45 hours
Updated 20. Sep 2018 15:18:51
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Denmark lau0:000:18:46-1,00013,262
2Germany EtacidnyS0:000:02:44-1,000-
3Norway Braindead0:000:10:23-1,000-
4Bahrain potatoes0:000:03:40-1,000-
5Germany Uglubåthr Kætilbiørnsson0:001:25:56-1,000-
6France Look at me0:000:12:14-1,000-
7Russian federation LDK0:000:50:08-1,000-
8Serbia Hardy0:000:18:25-1,000-
9Russian federation NikZ0:000:36:21-1,000-
10Germany eR1n_0:000:06:20-1,000-
1Denmark CoaleaterX0:000:04:14-1,000-
2Netherlands Thijmen_Sh4dy0:000:09:31-1,000-
3Serbia blutut0:001:04:53-1,000-
4Slovakia Hellhammer0:000:46:04-1,000-
5Slovenia .Cyrex_GaminG0:000:04:30-1,000-
6Slovakia Pijd┼żak0:001:12:09-1,000-
7Germany doxis0:000:09:24-1,000-
8Italy Spag-Bol0:000:17:00-1,000-
9United kingdom SUNWARRIOR PROTEIN GOD0:000:40:35-1,000-
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