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United states 24/7 Snow Bridge | | [247] Clan
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/32 Players
Map dod_snow_bridge_beta5_1, 18:28:02 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2018 05:28:35
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1China 11418280095:200:09:21621,1174,094
2United states Jasbo_X4:200:09:061271,127-
3United states adamforman7121:100:14:10142,708-
4United states Malkeyor1:300:11:3021,002-
5United states DadJ1:101:19:32711,450-
6Russian federation spoiler-men1:400:09:3231,0034,208
7United states HP Sgt Killroy0:000:01:34-1,000-
8United states theshortbuskid0:401:22:391332,6609,991
9Australia [247] Pfc Deadalready0:500:29:481122,813-
10Ukraine Vanechka0:000:01:12-1,000-
11United states [247] MSgt. Night Raider0:500:39:553583,903-
12Korea, republic of army05290:000:20:01241,0323,524
13United states [247] 1ST LT. silverback0:000:01:13-1,609-
14United states JimBeamRye0:100:04:52-999-
15United states Gundo8700:200:11:27111,199-
1United states QS Master6:100:59:312873,4333,339
2United states [247] SSgt. Houston Agent4:001:10:121481,6595,616
3United states [247] SFC. GaToR4:100:15:49-2,575-
4Australia Fred4:100:18:101071,107-
5Canada OmniBerserker4:200:15:222121,212-
6Australia [247] Pfc Dundee2:000:50:16292,4684,857
7United states freyja77771:100:16:34-4,634-
8Venezuela OmegaPk1:300:12:23-1,00012,479
9United states [247] Major Gen Evil Repo0:000:01:5022,770-
10Australia Lets_B_friends0:000:22:121011,75111,508
11China FTB_ZhouSi0:200:19:41171,0176,967
12United states stevey0:100:08:2311,001-
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