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Canada Custom Maps [fy,mg,de,cs,surf,etc] :: - FastDL
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/50 Players
Map glassassaultii_glasserver, 00:19:23 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2018 05:44:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states HG MiniGames Pikachu! ✗8:301:32:412125,190-
2United states ♱HoLƔϾHἰLƉẟẟẟ♱3:101:32:421393,439-
3Canada Λ/K™ °Hipster*.▽.*Tony°1:200:22:43-13,418-
4United states ~✩Legends✩~ »-♥✧*.MΣLI*:・✧♥-«0:201:20:06-4,201-
5United states Rick-tastic0:100:42:05141,014-
6Korea, republic of Σ|Ř Beware The Sushi Cat =pF=0:000:08:19503,300-
7Canada #Phony Canadian-doc0:200:34:4331,840-
8Canada KittehNinja0:100:27:081221,839-
9Canada SEINWAVE Kyro0:000:17:50-6,91246,449
10Canada Mr.Colonel.X0:001:03:0963,328-
11United states [pF] Badmin [PF] bowling_bastard0:200:41:42-1,042-
1Norway Skill=Low DriftpandaRupert4:101:32:00116,494-
2Canada MultiGrain3:000:34:541221,435-
3United states [pF] Badmin M0j0j0_j0 Dickbutt1:101:03:20433,278-
4United states 東方 mits1:201:26:07151,015-
5United states Katana1:201:02:38-7,380-
6United states [NWA] Spooky Ghost Pepper0:100:33:4671,007-
7United states TidePodChan0:200:49:37-8,949-
8United states ?wheresWaldo?0:300:38:511581,344-
9United states [pF] Badmin Nexus0:000:33:401181,218-
10United states Spray'n'Pray | ߧ0:000:28:08733,128-
11United states FAWDSQUAD Oadif0:000:06:4125,448-
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