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Canada Zombie Mod :: Unlimited Ammo :: - FastDL
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/64 Players
Map zm_moon_roflicious_06_pf, 00:13:37 hours
Updated 19. Jun 2018 00:43:49
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada buab bibab -Reaper.2:100:10:52123,210-
2Brazil juberto20030:002:04:21-5,502-
3Canada '# TICARACATI0:100:51:37205,781-
4Germany FREEZERZ0:000:23:17-5,028-
5Poland TW Bolec0:000:15:34-1,053146,691
6Argentina PlagueFest =pF= 5mb0:000:21:49381,517-
7United states [pF] Big Daddy Tree0:001:38:46-6,177-
8Canada CSpam ↓↑ Thqwib [pF]0:000:38:07149,619-
9Brazil fellippe.mesquita0:100:17:06-2,162-
10United kingdom Paul Skinback0:101:29:05509,925-
11Brazil CZSBrasil -=๖CŽﮔ=- Bahêa0:005:57:111424,620-
12Argentina johnnie walker0:100:55:42291,021-
1United states KoR3@2:000:17:52103,715-
2United states ิshit chad2:000:51:07513,060-
3Australia zm_try_hards Saucey1:000:28:07-12,896-
4United kingdom =pF= 2bad1:000:02:4125,126-
5Germany Cartier0:000:12:24231,5568,062
6Canada Kurumi Tokisaki 時崎 狂三0:000:36:4091,008-
7United states Vinsanity1220:001:11:3391,45554,914
8United states Wiz!0:000:35:30344,130-
9Colombia ♡Oz♡0:400:11:10-1,020-
10Saudi arabia Maxy0:100:55:54-7,387-
11Norway [I.B.E.] [pF] Priest0:002:28:215124,894-
12Lithuania Mika0:000:45:24414,071-
13United states The O0:006:51:19-15,560-
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