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Canada Zombie Mod :: Unlimited Ammo :: - FastDL
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 43/64 Players
Map zm_london_v1_0, 00:18:19 hours
Updated 17. Feb 2019 21:07:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states meatballsandwich2:200:05:19-3,528-
2United states Undoubted |pF| Isnukame✖™2:000:52:081216,759-
3United states Like/-\Boss Webz1:000:40:26215,318-
4United states imaboi1:003:03:441172,070-
5Canada 7 Frosted Nuts0:101:22:14183,807-
6Belgium kutje Epic-Rage0:101:12:24652,360-
7United states [pF] Badmin no† seduc†ive0:103:13:39-12,115-
8Netherlands Sait Cinar : Je moeder !0:000:10:05-985-
9Sweden Vixxer0:103:51:40892,890-
10United states Earth is Flat research0:000:17:12498919,663
11United states [pF] Badmin acidrain0:003:08:13344,373-
12Canada [Я]ξъorή \LiquidsnaK0:201:47:31-12,282-
13United states SIPPYCUP0:000:55:25205,50716,798
14Brazil ♛K!ng's♛ vyrtua Ryzen0:101:18:25852,0329,902
15Norway Norman0:000:28:47-26,761-
16Canada [pF] Badmin Villthjarta "The Detective"0:101:14:51-10,130-
17Denmark ADAPTED ▼ Capone™0:003:44:31273,770-
18Sweden FUQYOU -= Nisse =- SWE0:001:33:25-5,258-
19United states free max b0:000:57:35862,105-
20United states Moist♥ Blackheart0:003:15:07-8,254-
21United states Dr. Pro -hg- zuu-crew #Facts0:005:52:11541,536104,503
1France Ph0que1:100:02:59-1,011-
2Netherlands AFGEMAAKT A G1:000:49:3321,002-
3Argentina Neon Wolf1:300:12:04-1,748103,406
4United states poca loca1:102:13:49633,868-
5Netherlands Pain1:100:44:06-2,472-
6United states Towelie.0:000:55:17-2,578-
7United states Rigor Mortis0:000:16:3315,520-
8United kingdom GEN. PUTOTOY0:000:27:156998-
9United states CARNIVORE0:000:27:53-7,928-
10United states Brian0:004:15:22-7,703-
11United states =PF= The_Goon7710:001:23:3964,88123,657
12India Leon0:001:02:44142,713-
13Brazil juberto20030:100:38:22-6,313-
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