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Canada Zombie Mod :: Unlimited Ammo :: - FastDL
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 35/64 Players
Map zm_westwood_final, 00:14:43 hours
Updated 18. Aug 2017 06:58:38
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Pvt. Aidan [1-506th]1:000:42:0811,001-
2Canada Brawsley1:004:08:18903,112-
3United states Daym Drops ( Misses Astufs love1:000:50:38155,599-
4United states Aprz1:000:45:46-5,706-
5United states hzrd ヅ0:001:43:44383,860-
6United states BigDaddy0:101:03:02-4,439-
7United states david0:100:50:30401,294-
8United states The O0:003:35:581020,829-
9Canada Myron0:000:16:3741,024-
10United states Friend-Z♥ne0:001:50:45292,76315,637
11United states Logik0:000:41:18113,193-
12United states death0:000:42:22481,554-
13Australia <xxxxxxx ZKYLORD xxxxxxx>0:002:28:32-3,245-
14United states Drezane0:008:44:36224,717-
15United states Anti-Weed Cop 9110:000:16:08-2,687-
16Canada shit kicker city slicker0:100:13:27-996-
1Philippines Clover Army bathmanbeyonder2:001:07:06113,727-
2United states [Old Guys] Pop-A-Top1:001:37:4049,507-
3Canada _=Ch3wBacc'A_Tac0!1:303:56:37503,180-
4United states Splinter0:200:49:02-3,924-
5United states sebouh59390:005:11:42105,953-
6United states Hot Garbage0:000:33:13332,674-
7Canada Kyro0:001:19:44-13,992-
8United states dmp0:003:05:57593,801-
9United states 30Cents0:002:06:47133,188-
10United states GR1MM0:010:23:53-5,959-
11United states .:ZkFe:. Samón0:007:39:5920311,396-
12United states Fistfull 0f Revolvers0:000:24:23-2,991-
13United states Kwazy Wabbit0:200:19:21-1,431-
14United states JELLOLEAF0:100:10:22-2,759-
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