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United states [Rushy Servers] Zombie Survival - California #1
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 28/32 Players
Map cp_mossrock, 03:11:52 hours
Updated 23. Oct 2017 06:22:14
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Australia Funkus Monkus II5:100:16:24538,4604,282
2United states TheFloodDude (SPAM)2:100:14:02567,69811,667
3New zealand bigrevkev1:000:06:2941,20923,979
4 why1:200:21:25101,345-
5United states Turbojack030:000:14:0662,038-
6Australia The Freddery0:100:14:3355,84425,928
7United states Simply Aimbot0:100:01:4581,41810,334
8United states engineer is spy0:100:23:341711,5988,201
 Team Blue9:701:52:18-4,951-
1United states ???10:100:07:598238,9662,077
2Peru miau1:100:14:27793,00325,346
3Czech republic jansta.vojtech1:200:02:55162,147-
4Brazil Sir.Harken1:000:02:34202,8704,116
5United states Jack Kelly, The Handy Lawyer1:000:21:101510,9275,435
6United states wtf_jacob0:100:13:40142,89317,013
7Thailand pornchanan25210:100:14:48263,43216,441
8United states Miloyoyo0:200:03:25103,023-
9United states Yakibomb0:000:17:0671,011-
10Thailand BEST-AENG0:000:01:12-5,404-
11United states o_o0:000:21:181119,269612
12United states Sweet Sugar Lumps0:100:20:541391,4645,859
13Canada Banjo-neer0:000:01:27104,721594
14Philippines DEADSHOT0:000:01:11-2,557-
15United states djadvar0:000:06:47101,010-
16United states BrenBren0:000:26:07592,330-
17United states popo koko0:000:02:37101,182-
18United states Punished Jeb0:000:25:422845,538351
19United states MR MISHKA0:000:01:18-8,5094,968
20United states dalbuc0:100:22:45281,4773,857
21United states BananaBusBoat0:000:02:49102,83714,939
 Team Red14:1003:52:11-7,837-
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