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United states [Rushy Servers] Zombie Survival - California #1
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/32 Players
Map koth_mars, 06:12:06 hours
Updated 18. Mar 2018 18:06:14
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Poland Misieg1:000:59:30405,666-
2Canada BOI1:000:03:00104,867-
3United states Galactic_Bulge0:101:05:012118,458-
4United states [O.W.N]DomOnator190:000:12:05-1,097-
5United states The Reichtangle0:101:28:46493,327-
6United states tryhard demo main0:000:50:41321,100-
7United states evantran080:000:17:04-1,169-
8United states silky tomato0:000:38:01101,220-
9Finland MatiasTheGreat0:000:42:46211,927-
10Hungary Moncsi ^-^0:000:28:12852,302-
 Team Blue2:206:45:06-3,113-
1United states Nova1:000:12:5361,175-
2United states Unkalunks0:000:16:25-1,174-
3Romania BlackStar0:000:58:491125,337-
4Vietnam Ninjaneer0:000:20:15-1,240-
5United states Demigod0:000:02:46-2,880-
6United states SubChesire$0:000:42:342531,343-
7United states Piggygun0:100:03:05-1,008-
8Argentina lauticasla0:000:51:041904,804-
9Canada Good Robot0:000:25:41-5,536-
10United states deanna.shields0:000:59:58361,810-
11United states skullkiller120990:101:08:34903,629-
12United states mr derrpy waffle0:000:20:3851,380-
13United states 『Nevermore』0:000:50:561811,170-
 Team Red1:207:13:38-2,499-
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