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United states  BLITZKRIEG WHORES 18+ |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 18/32 Players
Map dod_frag_doom_teh_remix, 00:19:46 hours
Updated 22. Oct 2018 10:09:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Elskimo8:1100:19:464346,8538,161
2Peru ysaifabiansinchi5:1000:05:461161,877353
3United states BkW // GяüΜᵱyKrUegeR ¦ в4:400:19:46-36,8541,184
4United states Stewart4:500:03:27963,117-
5United states Hogweed ¦ вlϊтz3:400:19:464626,0932,488
6United states WolfManimal ¦ вlϊтz2:600:19:464815,4458,801
7China PIKE03382:000:19:4611721,857277
8Belgium *Denzel*1:100:06:53631,4645,843
9Canada Duffer 1946 ¦ вlitz1:300:19:466015,2347,362
1United states James7:800:19:4640812,368151
2France Zango6:200:14:5143612,1832,989
3Korea, republic of 糊涂5:100:19:4625716,8181,455
4Japan Tomisaburo4:300:19:4618616,658695
5Czech republic Петр Алуше2:200:06:36672,1987,909
6United states <-Crawler->1:200:19:4634412,943424
7Taiwan < blank >1:300:19:4625529,036924
8United states FoxyDude0:300:09:22141,014-
9United states jambi0:000:19:466755,459245
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