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United states BLITZKRIEG WHORES 18+ |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/32 Players
Map dod_around_the_corner_hdr3, 00:09:36 hours
Updated 18. Nov 2017 03:43:52
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Australia Bingler8:200:09:35109112,541362
2Denmark TigerFlekz_TF_DK8:500:09:351371,13411,393
3United states Lucky Turkeyano ¦ вlϊтz5:500:09:35-44,9744,069
4United states SeanInsideYou5:500:07:49231,026-
5Canada BoBMassacre3:600:07:082083,506-
6China anyname3:600:09:301955,323-
7United kingdom SheppyZ ¦ вlϊтz2:500:09:35-38,7153,216
8Canada sickens1:300:06:3410211,086-
9France Eric1:600:09:351291,2753,619
10United states Pedro-bear0:000:00:45-1,004-
11United states Vlad_bg0:000:09:352832,1943,274
1United states big WILLYYYYYYY16:400:09:3522132,45312,003
2United states LORD VIKING HAMMER13:800:09:356949,8162,282
3Sweden 5th. SS Panzer Division "WIKING12:200:09:356955,543394
4Canada EvIL DeAd PiNeAPpLe10:700:09:3622420,6015,810
5Japan Atsushi Galland6:800:09:3518425,6852,907
6China 翡翠小竹3:500:08:481221,122-
7United states oilycadet3:100:07:543723,722-
8United states Anubis2:500:09:35-68,0821,073
9United states PollioGIVER1:500:09:35481,127-
10China 老套筒0:000:09:3511146,3001,928
11Germany Mtheadz0:200:09:35832,6125,253
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