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United states ★ EGC | TRADE | US-WEST
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 17/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_fix_v4, 00:41:52 hours
Updated 17. Feb 2019 01:02:20
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Communist Joe5:900:16:5128617,210-
2United states Smh Aussie❤2:100:15:0514544,84546,349
3Canada Chindu Pod1:100:18:3428823,429-
4United states MachoCatRandy0:300:37:375223,876-
5Canada =WL= that's how mafia works0:000:06:51-1,000-
6United states Jib0:000:05:00-28,958-
7United states 69 days 'till Avengers 40:200:09:14-473,72930,477
8United states Jay0:300:06:264816,266-
 Team Blue8:1901:55:38-76,164-
1United states Papa Waga13:400:28:57266207,733-
2Canada Leftyo4:800:24:23461,046-
3United states ZaePae4:000:49:4224561,023-
4United states ben!2:000:12:254963,79225,313
5United states Homiesexual2:200:09:14201,064-
6Australia {hoh} Match1:000:22:28250129,793-
7Finland viddy0:000:05:28-17,824-
8United states the help0:100:14:00301,030-
 Team Red26:1502:46:37-60,413-
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