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United states ★ EGC | TRADE | US WEST
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_fix_v3, 03:39:03 hours
Updated 25. Jun 2018 04:09:54
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1 KLOKH9:800:43:35621,06295,703
2 Normal Person2:100:09:585210,34521,033
3Australia ✪ Dizzle Ω1:103:01:38512148,982-
4United states smol1:000:12:4911061,285-
5United states Rabscule1:100:10:50328,138-
6United states Chill_Campa0:000:13:56-7,110-
7 The Festive Pyro Main0:000:08:01253,453-
8United states Naruto Uzumaki0:006:51:1757219,699-
9 Triple D0:002:58:32-1,204-
10United states 0,0,0|Akira of Chocolate Thunda0:200:45:4177190,602-
 Team Blue14:1315:16:17-45,188-
1United states TradeSlave696:405:19:0745378,177-
2 E.Z.2:500:43:22281,028-
3 OaraxTheThing1:100:16:54141,01419,435
4United states Papa Waga1:106:24:1294288,878-
5 ImmortalReaper0:001:28:543910,662-
6 Lil Toothbrush0:303:24:344962,271-
7 CypteurTG0:300:22:57509,645-
8United states [EGC] Noble Spartan V0:100:46:1019135,367-
9United states Kernel Cinders0:101:35:4926951,712-
10 Morviiko0:001:30:25102652,138-
 Team Red10:1921:52:24-43,089-
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