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Canada | All-Trade 2 | Idle
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_hg_at2a12, 03:32:24 hours
Updated 26. Jun 2017 02:15:00
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Sweden ☼ Sunny | ⇋HG⇋6:401:36:013251,995-
2United states :^)4:200:48:32973,025-
3United states Timid2:100:09:50352,911-
4Canada Michael2:100:11:05522,014-
5United states Hoovy (G.E.W.P)1:101:13:36-2,49247,360
6Canada Uberphawx1:201:58:446641,681-
7United states Muffin1:100:48:561291,12949,622
8Barbados ᴮᵃᵖJ4ySt4r1:000:15:01510,81219,554
9United states The Metroid Tamer™0:001:09:27-2,298-
10Canada Thatchee0:201:38:59352,185142,800
11Philippines Mr.Moonlight9810:200:51:20-2,932112,203
12United states The Handsome Shpee0:000:02:22-2,978-
13United states I have no life0:000:19:52-4,228100,219
14United states some goober0:000:29:34-2,163-
15United states ThePrimalHoovy {S.T.H}0:000:39:05551,648165,836
16Canada green beanss0:001:14:285821,730-
17Netherlands ALKAN hellcase.com0:200:32:44-1,039-
 Team Blue18:1813:59:36-2,780-
1Mexico ✨Furry Spy✨5:100:08:24445,514-
2United states Pootis Birb3:200:19:54-3,78264,427
3United states MultiProGaming2:701:56:4364,563-
4United states MunchFox0:201:17:08-418-
5United states Microsoft is shit0:001:57:34122,595139,549
6United kingdom Taser9001 ⇋HG-A⇌0:001:02:23-5,071-
7United states Bzbzrobot0:100:48:37-3,84331,174
8United states Puddles0:100:31:30-3,33762,964
9United states Banana 10:000:22:15-2,649-
10Aruba That's Mama Luigi To You™0:001:08:49-20,656-
11United states The Ticktockman0:000:56:34831,314-
12United states Señor Bob Ross0:000:21:42-2,786-
13United states [USMC] SSGT Honcho0:000:05:20-2,774-
 Team Red10:1410:56:53-4,562-
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