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Canada DoGz [GunGame DM] Funtimes/Iceworld|
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/36 Players
Map fy_cellularworld, 00:01:27 hours
Updated 17. Feb 2019 06:47:40
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada RANDOM8:200:22:2820823,107-
2United states -={ArchAngel}=-5:601:13:47138517,83225,161
3United states pen155:600:48:3589017,266-
4United states i$avage™5:300:12:2829123,602-
5Canada B-rent4:700:13:411121,112-
6Russian federation ĞΣΝΟСİĎ ๖ۣۣۜ RοłеXۣۜ4:700:06:092315,222-
7Canada Two4:300:41:42108614,570-
8United states Jungle Jax4:600:04:548914,006-
9United states cwat283:400:06:052076,832-
10United states dbarf222:500:13:436341,634-
11United states Mutt1:200:31:3642611,019-
12United states Blossoms3141:800:43:1213926,892-
13United states Angry0:003:49:08115313,027-
14United states I'm Moist0:000:11:16-96439,999
15United states Omar Winkie0:000:03:31517,248-
16United states Buzz Killington0:006:19:0823015,327-
1Canada Glow In The Dark11:300:10:3430012,836-
2United states LARGE CUNT7:601:13:15248714,632-
3United states Hebe7:600:25:0984111,336-
4Canada Falco6:500:16:2582214,857-
5United states Trigger5:400:11:036496,65347,502
6United states Lemon5:300:01:173413,1505,259
7United states Pats5:200:26:5478610,674-
8United states put on your mean face :&4:400:14:217242,40225,696
9United states -=]FGA[=- Longarm3:400:24:578254,24326,543
10United states Alysanne2:200:01:58172,341-
11United states EHSTES Helm to 1082:300:14:366452,88620,616
12United states Shogun Sensei {Blazed Dragon}1:300:39:406569,270-
13United states mwynn20101:100:38:447001,700-
14United states I.P.S.| GEN. PECKERWOOD0:000:20:505148,047-
15United states Smokin870:003:16:18972,361-
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