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United kingdom | All-Trade 3 | Idle
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map trade_plaza_hg_at2a12, 03:49:13 hours
Updated 19. Aug 2017 03:43:25
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Philippines DemoHam | trade.tf4:201:01:35484,54987,965
2Ireland Ashes3:303:08:22234,43084,283
3United states Prairie Dog1:000:12:1813,409-
4United states Jumpin Jack Flash1:100:14:5821988-
5Israel BvWolfie1:202:59:00981,356-
6Ireland awoo0:001:09:08-4,58584,198
7United kingdom Radec0:100:32:09-2,425-
8United states Hit0:002:54:33-2,57960,477
9United states NigerianWalrus0:000:17:54-1,119-
10United states Wolf O'Reilly0:001:19:38-0-
11Norway Kittfist0:400:28:271341,347-
12Germany [DFS]John wiener skinhub.com0:000:34:351171,561-
13Serbia veljko5050:003:15:55-0-
14United states Emder0:002:53:11122,685-
 Team Blue10:1321:01:43-2,217-
1Finland zert2:100:20:243011,3389,583
2United states ρнαитσм1:100:42:318147928,371
3Mexico mr.krabs1:100:30:292401,24015,475
4Netherlands Hopzers1:500:24:09231,470-
5United states ツXrasergamerYTツ1:300:58:5962,508-
6United states 3LM00:001:02:04-1,531-
7Japan Kemeko0:000:10:53-0-
8United states Dark._.Donuts #SanvichSquad0:000:38:44103,788-
9United states Matonic #Idle Add Me To Trade0:001:18:50203,603-
10Hungary deART0:100:22:462121,207-
11United kingdom Plot Twist0:000:03:02-3,167-
12Greece pinki panki0:201:25:213375,87858,259
13Canada [FP] Eice0:000:29:19-2,284-
14United states food0:000:11:51211,021-
15United states Medimedes | trade.tf0:000:16:38-1,13293,274
16United states DJ Dman0:500:44:33-1,30177,488
 Team Red6:1909:40:33-2,622-
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