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United states TangoWorldWide | Jailbreak Facility | !ws - !knife | Stats
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25/42 Players
Map jb_clouds_beta02a, 00:53:19 hours
Updated 24. Jul 2017 20:46:08
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states T.w² | tj1:000:27:54644,227-
2United states T.w² // ✈ Juju0:100:41:55137,122-
3United states SilvaBoys tw2 Motion0:100:26:27-6,987-
4Canada T.w² | Maattah0:000:19:33-6,731-
5United states HotCumHere T.w² | para0:100:52:4536,037-
6United states T.w² | Tiny WeeWee0:000:07:52-6,119-
7United states T.w² |LostThunder csgoatse.com0:101:59:35756,247-
1Canada T.w² | Britt ♡1:001:49:561708,552-
2United states Senpai♡Kohai ✩ ブルーベリー0:000:15:49-1,458-
3Estonia t.w² zk0:000:14:33321,026-
4United states T.w² | javer0:000:09:54-5,852-
5United states Fatboysleek0:002:37:45275,759-
6Canada Just Send It T.w² | Nashty /M/0:000:21:15-6,453-
7United states Rich0:000:39:0962,555-
8United states xHaFG T.w² | Shadox™ /0:000:38:02195,805-
9Canada Cyka Blyat [Rebellious]0:000:12:13-6,480-
10United states Gelphix0:001:27:23-957-
11United states T.w² | 海梅 - Veni, vidi, vic0:000:25:56-7,311-
12Canada T.w² // ✘ Shadow ✘0:000:22:53-6,761-
13United states T.w² | Sportacus | Rewards.gg0:000:48:46101,029-
14United states Kevin0:000:04:09-10,437-
15United states Raindrops💦0:000:04:32-4,801-
16United states T.w² DreadDrago ΠΌ0:000:17:44-13,929-
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