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United states TangoWorldWide | 1v1 Arena | !ws - !knife - !gloves| 128 Tick |
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29 (1)/32 Players
Map am_nuke_d, 00:08:16 hours
Updated 16. Dec 2018 23:47:03
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states HazbeN6:000:05:13211,087-
2United states 𐂃𐂃5:000:32:00891,089-
3United states Zindaye4:100:08:38-2,979-
4United states HardBlush Wulf4:000:25:351242,082-
5United states serry4:101:45:505531,553-
6United states Acrylic_sqaure323:300:05:04111,011-
7United states $avant3:300:11:14-3,814-
8United states DrowsyLemming3:200:22:38571,055-
9United states moonŲœgang Majesty2:100:04:25-2,944-
10United states Wrim my2:200:58:322782,681-
11Denmark Ozzy1:000:02:2551,005-
12United states Drink Febreze0:000:07:57-2,931225,312
13United states AM:GC Crysta_10:000:01:17-2,404-
14Canada Vanish0:000:02:21-1,048-
15United states Boscoe0:000:02:40-1,123-
1United states Cheese Juul Pod8:100:08:29661,830143,412
2United states Blockhead04187:200:07:2543,700-
3United states littlebro54:300:06:41-3,374-
4United states SS#YY^^4:100:17:433931,610-
5United states Drink Drano4:300:05:23152,578-
6United states Magz2:400:25:57-3,036-
7United states Z0om2:400:34:462491,967-
8Canada Squill.i.am1:400:25:32-4,630-
9United states s.u.p.r.e.m. lil Q tip1:500:08:19-999-
10United states Yung Astolfo1:200:07:19911,292-
11United states Shkei1:300:35:342041,327-
12United states sicko mode0:000:03:3871,022-
13United states 3t.Raiz0:300:23:181161,260-
14United states itsnoa0:000:01:45-1,015-
15United states Winglerw280:400:30:581941,455-
16United states dumpy0:200:41:501971,198-
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