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United states TangoWorldWide | 1v1 Arena | !ws - !knife - !gloves| 128 Tick |
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26 (1)/32 Players
Map am_overpass_24_r1_1, 00:05:55 hours
Updated 22. Sep 2018 03:43:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states wrinkle chin7:300:05:32241,073-
2United states .SPEKTRUM. -Cleby- cs.money6:200:05:04284,471-
3United states Beko5:300:04:2124,165-
4United states bitch i'm a cow4:500:05:05-3,828-
5United states tounge game3:200:04:15111,015-
6United states furiousgamer092:000:22:131231,180-
7United states j drip aka DOME MASTER 1k+++2:500:04:39-2,358-
8United states TheMidnightTaco1:500:04:1961,979-
9United states FurryFrags Tsudo1:000:14:41301,030-
10United states FML_TrAiN (MUSIC)0:200:09:33372,610-
11United states d a d d y0:000:26:54511,063-
12Canada Joshyyy0:000:05:3554,934-
13United states BeviG0:100:05:30263,768-
14Canada FallenReject Mad_K1d0:200:07:44253,581-
1Canada rise7:300:20:52691,069-
2United states Currently standing looking Up6:400:23:20711,071-
3United states salemoreo <3 [No Sound :(]5:200:05:04161,077-
4Canada Evan sucks Cat3:600:22:47141,022-
5United states Clout 92:700:17:0151,005-
6United states HowMuchIsYourChildWorth?2:200:03:35113,243-
7United states johnpaulbin2:000:09:59201,837-
8United states Dr.Green1:100:02:0931,003-
9United states 『 』 pH1:000:23:211522,280-
10United states chowanatohr | cs.money1:100:09:1621,002-
11Canada so basically...1:000:16:45312,573-
12United states FÅ‚ick xEqlty1:000:01:2821,002-
13United states have you seen my dog1:000:05:51222,773-
14United states henry :P0:000:01:51-1,123-
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