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Hong kong ANZAC Public Server ||
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/32 Players
Map dod_flash dod_flash, 00:06:12 hours
Updated 20. Jun 2018 11:06:51
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Macao Ip Man11:300:06:12-1,0076,353
2Sweden oscar.stz6:300:06:12129754,806
3Australia Pte.YeOldRustyCar.Anzac.4th5:600:06:12226,242984
4New zealand K3TCH4:500:06:1298,085145
5New zealand Snapperfish3:500:06:12402,2645,730
6Australia g00ch3:700:06:19292,4686,688
7New zealand (8FT} HATE MADE ME2:800:06:12-3,3476,535
8Australia Chicken Soup1:600:06:12-1,95915,647
9Australia Tor1:000:06:12699710,867
10Australia bobsie641:400:04:2392,5305,040
11Australia Pants0:100:06:12227,972144
1Australia Intermezzo11:400:05:29525,219657
2Australia k.paspa10:500:06:12396,946331
3Australia Amplified5:300:06:12693,90593
4Australia welders is very unforgiving1:500:06:12-4,8461,714
5Australia Col. RAZZZ | ANZAC/2nd1:000:06:12376,335266
6Australia Bitec1:100:06:12225,1081,877
7Australia Maj Gen.Alfie_Norks.ANZAC0:100:02:38-7,07145
8Canada alex.e.b0:300:03:54-988-
9Finland bombshell320:000:06:1261,3059,189
10Australia Murray0:100:06:12215,652939
11Australia ==== Г У М И ====0:000:06:1292,7991,311
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