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United states  =(eGO)= AVALANCHE | CHICAGO |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 19/32 Players
Map dod_avalanche dod_avalanche, 02:08:18 hours
Updated 25. Apr 2019 04:11:18
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Colombia steinitzdb4:200:05:233721,024-
2Portugal AlieNSouL4:700:05:4929976,779
3Canada canmanidle74:300:47:505569,084-
4United states λVoidλ4:200:38:3917121,827781
5Colombia ultralysko3:000:03:161122,287-
6United states Dad2:100:12:525181,5187,194
7Mexico KESPEKEAR2:200:18:251932,8353,853
8United states bparrott1:100:37:5818816,8281,462
9United states Alex0:000:01:4812,845-
10Canada Frigo0:000:10:355218,1326,784
1Russian federation Пупкин6:1100:17:19-8,9154,641
2United states simins6206:500:22:03-27,385234
3United states Nightbot5:301:23:17-38,198-
4United states gredinpaladin2:300:13:22694,8966,408
5United states Wall Banger1:000:06:20601,6598,113
6United states Peter North1:300:08:035013,0242,473
7United states Pasty_Gangsta0:000:06:47-18,5694,833
8Spain 85hh180:000:11:55171,017-
9Korea, republic of ROKA 17XX0:100:01:27-20,219-
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