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United states -[]- |24/7 Idle/Trade #1| [MGE !duel]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 16/32 Players
Map achievement_idle_awesomebox8f6, 04:45:52 hours
Updated 25. Apr 2019 03:45:33
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Odin3:000:34:307671,841-
2United states AtomicAutism2:101:58:5920140,384-
3United states diet2:000:40:4911930,884-
4Portugal minxy2:003:30:50-35,463-
5United states maeljw1:001:07:302141,75610,150
6United states timmyfingerblast0:200:55:578930,440-
7Canada Zivala0:000:45:1912121,568-
8United states Dir7y0:703:52:54961,091-
 Team Blue10:1013:26:48-34,178-
1United states Fallen6:401:14:113572,028-
2United states khrysta0:400:10:05-2,992-
3United states Vanilla0:001:19:0838912,191-
4United states local yee-yee juice dealer0:100:14:211075,741-
5United states Friendly Hoovy0:000:04:23-15,989-
6United states JokerJacob123450:000:01:33-210-
7United states Kettle Cooked Chips0:000:18:18-956-
8Brazil n00b010:000:06:58-931-
9United states Joker0:000:11:55-39,800-
 Team Red6:903:40:52-8,982-
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