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United kingdom | 1v1 128 Tick Arena #1 | !ws !knife !gloves
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 9/30 Players
Map am_loot, 00:11:51 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2019 04:06:28
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Noxzy13:300:12:17-1,00096,636
2United kingdom abdullah7:1000:12:16-1,000-
3Norway LaG· Mah Facking OwO time4:400:08:16-1,000-
4United states Hopodopolis3:500:04:07-1,000-
5Portugal | PT # | kapow0:100:02:13-1,000-
1United kingdom Chong6:500:12:18-1,000-
2United kingdom Erra3:100:02:29-1,000-
3United kingdom Finn2:000:12:16-1,000-
4United kingdom B-rad0:900:10:33-1,000-
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