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Germany #25 | Trade
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/32 Players
Map trade_minecraft_neon_v182_p3_fix, 21:14:52 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2019 03:47:38
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Denmark 『♥』zac19m『♥』6:403:19:342014,79818,918
2United states DeimosAries4:700:30:59481,120-
3Poland Communist3:200:37:24221,173-
4Australia Knoxy1:000:05:3821,028-
5United states TRASHMAN1:100:14:16-1,098-
6Sweden BoostMeister0:001:53:16-6,871-
7Denmark xChangeDavidPlays0:001:39:29772,51213,771
8Sweden MrHoliday0:102:17:491233,248-
9United states Quackmac0:000:01:08-1,006-
10Sweden alicie0:100:49:53-4,219-
11France feelgy0:000:06:27-1,025-
 Team Blue15:1611:35:53-5,282-
1Romania bad sniper7:000:31:392752,0246,307
2Belgium Xumis4:300:19:171291,306-
3United states ☭ saké4:400:47:13-1,3426,057
4Poland Góral3 Key-Drop.pl1:500:18:05641,064-
5Poland LukAsh ツ I'm Back!0:200:25:00751,261-
6Israel [FancyGhost]0:000:04:17-1,027-
7United states [⇄] Ghost [⇄] |0:000:20:5949868,472
8United states U-haul Trug0:000:35:0361,006-
9Portugal -seid0:000:51:43371,10410,233
10United states sky eyed gryphon0:000:51:58161,016-
11France Rekt0:500:30:53-973-
12United states Burnt toast0:100:06:07-998-
 Team Red16:2005:42:14-1,176-
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