What is Secure Logging?

Secure Logging

By default, the option Secure Logging is enabled to protect your gameserver and gameME Stats account. This option ensures gameME Stats accounts are reliable and trustable and it is not possible to fake collected data. Usually, the option Secure Logging should not be disabled.

Notice: For the games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 the Netcon Interface needs to be activated for secure logging.

Fixed Security Key

It is possible to pre-define a key for secure logging for every gameserver. This key is used by gameME Stats and needs to be defined within the server configuration file "server.cfg" as well:

1sv_logsecret "CUSTOMKEY"

Notice: It is not recommended to use a fixed key. By default, gameME Stats uses dynamic keys and this option is only important on very rare scenarios if a fixed key is required - for example, if multiple gameME Stats accounts monitor a gameserver, or other external tools parse the gameserver log files.
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