How to setup my gameserver for gameME Stats?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

To setup the required logging/forwarding, the configuration file "autoexec.cfg" needs to be modified. If the "autoexec.cfg" file does not exists, it needs to be created in the "cfg" sub-directory of your gameserver installation. The following lines need to be added at the end of the file:

1log 1

  • The logaddress "" have to be replaced with the logaddress displayed on the start page within the control panel!
  • The needed log/forward commands cannot be added to the "convars" section within the "gamemodes_server.txt" configuration file!
  • This commands are setup automatically if access to the remote interface (rcon) is available. The configuration file should be adapted regardlessly to ensure gameME Stats always monitors your gameserver - even if no rcon connection is possible.
  • Check all server configuration files like "server.cfg", "gamemodes_server.txt" etc. for occurrences of "log 0", "log off", "logaddress_delall" and "sv_logsecret" entries and remove them all.
  • Ensure the rcon interface is enabled! The rcon interface have to be enabled with the gameserver start paramater "-usercon".
  • Restart the gameserver to apply changes.
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